2008 Good News Issue Archives

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2008 Good News Issue Archives
September/October 2008 (View PDF file – 2.3MB)
In this issue:- What’s the Key to Real Leadership? – Could Jesus Christ Be Elected President? – Coming: God’s Solutions to the World’s Problems – The Resurrection of the Dead: What Does the Bible Teach? – Is Halloween Harmless? – Peace: The Hunger of Human Hearts – Man’s Endless Quest for Happiness
July/August 2008 (View PDF file – 1.7MB)
In this issue:- How Can You Help Restore the Disappearing Family? – Career, Home and Family: Can Women Really Do It All? – What’s Behind the Growing Food Crisis? – Courageous Olympic Moments—and the Race We Run – Joy: Foundation for a Positive Life- What’s the Answer to a Better Life- Are You a Slave to Debt?
May/June 2008 (View PDF file – 1.7MB) In this issue:- Can Israel Survive? – Coping With a Growing Economic Crisis – New Discoveries Challenge Darwin’s Deceitful Theory – Love: The Ground From Which Spiritual Fruit Springs – A Prophecy Lesson: What Manner of Person Should You Be?

March/April 2008 (View PDF file – 2.6MB) In this issue:- Redefining Morality: A Torrent of Trouble Threatens to Engulf Us – 10 Practical Ways to Teach Your Children Right Values – Would Jesus Christ Celebrate Easter? – God’s Spirit: The Power to Transform Your Life – Europe Moves Closer to Fulfilling Its Grand Design
January/February 2008 (View PDF file – 1MB) In this issue:- Seven Prophecies That Must Be Fulfilled Before Jesus Christ’s Return – Key Events in History: Were They Linked to Bible Prophecy? – What’s Behind the Falling Dollar? – Help Your Child Refute Evolution – Christ’s Command to Us: Bear Good Fruit and Much Fruit

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Has the Bible Been Preserved Accurately? > The Good News : July/August 2004 Contemporary Scholarship and the Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

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